Why Some Businesses Make an Easy Profit

Hey everyone,

The past few months l've been thinking about running a business in "hard mode". Why does it seem that some business make such an easy profit and others don't? Ultimately it all comes down to a solid business model and executing on it, but of course there's lots of room for nuances.

I've collected my first accumulation of thoughts on the subject and looking forward to your input for a possible second instalment!

The Changing World Order explainer video

I'd be the first admit being partial to Ray Dalio's work, but his recent explainer video (accompanying his new book) on The Changing World Order couldn't have been timed better.

We won't be able to tell whether he is right for some time–and this is not the point of his work–but if you're looking to get a historic primer on what is going on in geopolitics and macroeconomics, this is definitely a must watch. The book also comes highly recommended.

Our first full quarter on EOS

If you hang out on #smbtwit you might be a bit tired of all the EOS talk. In case you're not: I've summarized our first full quarter of EOS on a short thread. We learn as we go, but already seeing lots of improvements.